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Ben Grado

Ben GradoWith my background stemming from gymnastics and diving, my body was bound to break down sooner or later. Unfortunately, it began breaking down when my success as a diver began to take off. When finding out that I needed surgery, I was given only one name: Dr. Rubin. This name was highly recommended by various people I had talked to for the overall consensus was, "no doctor knows how to repair a diver quite like Dr. Rubin."

When contacting him in the fall of 2009, I gave him everything he needed to evaluate my case. At this point, most every dive I did resulted in sharp pains shooting down my arm followed by numbness all throughout my arm. I had very little mobility in my shoulder and was lucky to get through 30 minutes of diving. Having already qualified for Olympic Trials, I knew that whether I had surgery or not, that wouldn't stop me from going. I ended up having surgery in the spring of 2010.

My experience with Dr. Rubin was the best I could have asked for. In meeting Dr. Rubin the day before my surgery, he reassured me of the procedure I would be getting along with detailing to me the process I will endure both before and after surgery.

After surgery, I ended up taking 3rd on platform at the ATT National Championship event. Following this, my success only grew as I won the NCAA Division 1 Collegiate platform event while also qualifying for 2 international grand prix meets on platform. I can honestly say that I would not have had this success without Dr. Rubin's help. He knew what I needed both in and out of the water and stayed in contact with me well after surgery, always keeping tabs of how I was doing. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. Though my torn labrum and split rotator cuff isn't something anyone or I would ask for, it brought me to Dr. Rubin whom I know made my shoulder the best it had ever been. Words can't express how thankful I am to have had Dr. Rubin fix my shoulder, as it wasn't just a shoulder to me but also a dream that I am now able to follow through on! Thank you Dr. Rubin!

Vera Ilyina
Olympic Gold Medalist Diving 2000 Russia
Olympic Silver Medalist Diving 2004 Russia

Vera IlyinaI met Dr. Ben Rubin during my international travels with the Russian Diving team. Ben was the official doctor for the USA Diving team and was always available to assist every diver with their medical needs.

I had always had injuries during my diving career but never had access to good medical doctors in Russia. So I went on training and competing with injuries. When I came to the United States to attend the University of Texas my shoulder pain became unbearable. I completed my eligibility with a sore shoulder but was planning to continue competing internationally for Russia at the Olympic level. That was when my UT coach Matt Scoggin and the UT trainer Tina Bonci recommended I see Ben Rubin and Ben Rubin only. Ben operated on my shoulder in June of 1998 and in September of 2000 I won my Olympic gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. I continued to compete and won a silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens as well as multiple World and European Championships medals.

I am very thankful to Dr. Rubin for helping me achieve my lifetime dream of winning Olympic medals and prolonging my athletic career by 6 years. I would recommend every athlete with an athletic injury to consult with Dr. Rubin as he is very knowledgeable about different sports and what it takes physically to be successful in those sports. His bedside manner is impeccable; he truly cares for the wellbeing of his patients and is full of enthusiasm and encouragement.

Dr. Ron O'Brien
Eight time USA Olympic Diving Coach 1968-1996

Dr. Ron O'BrienMy divers, as well as many other national, international and Olympic level divers have utilized Dr. Rubin's services. Elite divers continue to fly in from around the country and the world to take advantage of his unique skills. Dr. Rubin's work with these athletes has been exceptional, with many of them going on to win Olympic medals. This incredible level of success is due to his excellent surgical skills and experience, ability to connect with the athlete, both emotionally and physically during rehabilitation and training, and his unparalleled understanding of the sport and what is needed in the surgical procedure. Dr. Rubin knows the sport of diving better than any other surgeon I know. He is the "go to guy" for shoulder surgery in elite divers around the country and the world.

Dr. Sammy Lee
Two Time Olympic 10 Meter Platform Gold Medalist
Retired Otolaryngologist

Dr. Sammy LeeI have known Dr. Ben Rubin since the late 1970's when he volunteered his services to the U.S. Olympic Diving program and I introduced him to our U.S. Olympic Diving Coach Ron O'Brien. Dr. Rubin has successfully treated many national and international team divers including Greg Louganis for shoulder instability, rotator cuff, wrist, and back injuries. His surgical skills are second to none. As a person and as a physician he should be in the Olympic Hall of Fame.



Dr. Michele Mitchell
Two Time Olympic 10 meter Platform Silver Medalist
Diving Coach, University of Arizona

Dr. Michele MitchellI had the good fortune to have Dr. Ben Rubin operate on both of my shoulders, one before each of two Olympic Games (1984 and 1988). Each surgery literally saved my Olympic Diving career and 25 years later my shoulders are 100%.

There is no finer surgeon than Ben; there is no doctor with a better bedside manner; there is no person more concerned for others than Dr. Rubin.

My experience was so positive and the outcome of my surgery so successful that I went on to win 2 Olympic Silver medals in 10 meter platform diving, a World Championship, a Pan Am Games gold medal and 9 U.S. Diving National Championships.

Now, as a coach at the University of Arizona, I regularly send my divers to Ben when they need evaluation and potential shoulder surgery to save their careers. As I told him, "You are a surgical grandpa", and like any proud parent, there is no one else in the would that I would leave my kids with than Ben.

Kent Ferguson
World Champion 3 meter diving, 1991
US Olympic Diving Team Member 1992, 5th place
Pan American Games Champion 1991
Member of US National Team for 14 years

Kent FergusonI first met Ben Rubin while I was a member of the US national diving team in 1985. After dislocating my shoulder in an international competition in Sydney, Australia in 1987, Ben was the first person I called when my flight from Australia landed in LA. Prior to my injury, I knew what a trusted and skilled doctor Ben was from incredible stories I had heard from all of my teammates that Ben had taken care of - and my experience confirmed all that I had heard. Ben is caring, compassionate and is not only concerned about getting your injury better, he cares about you as a person. His bedside manner is like no other I have experienced with any doctor - he is honest about your limitations, provides you with realistic progress timelines and is sure to connect you with an equally caring and skilled physical therapist to ensure your injury heals as quickly and painlessly as possible. Because the Olympic Trials were just months away, I didn't have enough healing time to have surgery to repair my shoulder. Ben connected me with a talented physical therapy team in Florida, and I rehabilitated and strengthened my shoulder. In a very short time I was competing again and in contention for making the US Olympic Team.

During the finals of the Olympic trials, my shoulder dislocated again and this time Ben was poolside to help put my shoulder back in place so I could continue to go after my dream and finish the competition. In between dives he was there, taking me through my range of motion to ensure I would be able to safely perform each one of my next 10 dives. When the competition was over, I was one place shy of qualifying for the US Olympic Diving team - and Ben was there to support me personally in a time of great disappointment.

After the US Olympic Trials, I was broken athlete. I had narrowly missed out on making the Olympic team for the second consecutive time, my teammates were going to the Olympics and I was staying home. To add to this anxiety, I had to have surgery to repair my shoulder and I was terrified. As my teammates took off for the Olympics, I was released into Ben's caring hands. This is when I realized what good hands I was in with Ben and his family. I stayed with the Rubins in their home before and after surgery and they were the most caring and compassionate family I could imagine - I truly gained a new family and lifelong friends.

The surgery Ben performed enabled me to get back into diving competition quickly and successfully. At a time when most surgeons were performing shoulder surgeries that opened the entire shoulder, Ben tried a new, less invasive surgery that had a reduced healing time. In addition, the personal, caring touch that Ben provided with all follow up and care was over and beyond anything I could have imagined. In the four years following my surgery, I went on to win several national titles, the World Championships, Pan American Games and qualified for the 1992 US Olympic diving team - all with Ben as the US team Orthopedic Surgeon right there by my side. My shoulder was strong, stable and was not a concern.

And although my Olympic competition wasn't all I hoped it would be - a fifth place finish - Ben was at my side at the Olympics as a doctor, a friend and a guiding support - as he continues to be today. When others avoided me on the deck of the Olympic pool the next day because they didn't know how to react to my disappointing finish, Ben and his family were there for me giving me emotional support that only family could provide.

When my friends ask about my surgery and the care I received when I was treated by Ben, I share this incredible experience and describe the life-long friendship that I have developed with the Rubin family. And after I finish my story, I realize how high Ben has set the bar for other Orthopedic Surgeons to attempt to reach.

Fernando Platas
Olympic Silver Medalist 3 meter diving, Mexico
Three time Olympian 1992, 1996, 2000
World Champion Silver Medalist 3 meter and 10 meter synchronized diving

Fernando PlatasI had the honor to meet Dr. Benjamin Rubin in 1992. At that time I was one of the best divers in Mexico and I had already had success in the Central American Games, national competitions, world cups and world championships. It seemed that Barcelona would be not only my first Olympic games, but also my first opportunity to continue a tradition of excellent Mexicans divers. But sports is a teacher of life, and I had an injury to my left wrist about one year before the Olympics. I was introduced to Dr. Rubin by my coach at that time, Salvador Sobrino, who he knew because he done surgery on his shoulder 10 years earlier. I knew about him from many other divers from around the world that he had treated.

Thanks to Dr. Rubin I not only made the Olympic team for Barcelona in 1992, but the next year I was able to start again to dive 10 meter platform and I became a gold medalist at the Pan American Games in 3 meter and 10 meter in 1995, went to the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996 and earned a silver medal on 3 meter springboard in Sidney in 2000.

My admiration for Dr. Rubin is not only on the professional level, because of his success with so many athletes from so many countries over many years, but I learned about how he feels about helping people with knowledge, love and professionalism. At the same time I learned the values of ethics, family, passion, hard work, responsibility, values that make the difference between being and being one of the best.

I take this chance to thank Dr. Rubin because he and his team helped make my 12 year diving carrier successful, and to accomplish my dream to be an Olympic medalist. I also thank him, Judy and Ally for teaching me how personal values determine our path to accomplish our goals. I am sure that the champions in life are those that work every day to win not only one competition, the champions in life work day by day to win all the days of their lives.

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